Sometimes the only thing left to do is to try an open trench excavation to figure out the problem and how best to solve it. Drain Doctor can locate and repair water, gas, and sewer piping systems with small to large excavating equipment. Our repairs are done the right way the first time and at the least expense to our clients. That means no wild guesses, no bad mistakes, and no incorrect steps taken anywhere.

Here are some of the excavation services we can do for you:

Emergency Dig Services

Sewer Line Replacements

Water Mains

Leader Drains

Manhole Installations

Grease Trap Installations

Storm Water Basins

Foundation Site Preparation

Curtain Drains

Our extensive offering of emergency excavation services are likewise designed to ensure safety and convenience for our clients before, during, and after the job is done.

The extent of the excavation is, of course, dependent on the length and depth of the existing pipes you have at home or in your place of work. We assure you affordable pricing that is definitely within your budget and within reason. It’s entirely not necessary to needlessly spend money for excavation services if the work is done correctly and thoroughly the first time around. We can save you more money. And that is precisely what Drain Doctor guarantee and promise you!

We are also continually evolving new excavation methods that will allow us to conduct repair, maintenance, or replacement work with minimal digging. We understand that your property is a significant investment, so we want to cause as little harm to your garden, yard, or patio as possible, and yet still ensure good results after doing the job.

With more rigorous environmental standards evolving at the local, state and federal levels, it is most important to ensure that your home or business complies with all of these measures all the time. We can help upgrade your plumbing system to ensure that they remain safe and serviceable in the years to come.

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