Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning

Drain Doctor carries a complete assortment of drain cleaning equipment for all of your residential, commercial, industrial and municipal to clean up to a 4-inch line.

With over twenty years of expertise in drain cleaning, Drain Doctor is uniquely positioned to give you the very best services for your drain cleaning and maintenance requirements. Our philosophy is, as long as it’s not broken we can get it clean. If it is broken we can fix it!

Cable Cleaning

Our cleaning techniques are designed to improve flow rate, increase productivity, and prevent wastewater from backing up and fouling your sinks, bathtubs, and other implements. We will take care of whatever deposit that may have accumulated within your pipes quickly and efficiently so you can resume regular use as soon as possible.

High Pressure Jetting – How it Works

Above video clip is a six rear nozzle high-pressure jet system cleaning dirt from a pipe. This small clip highlights the concept & benefits of high pressure jetting to clean sewers, drains & conduits.

High Velocity Water Jetting

Sometimes it’s not enough to merely dislodge the dirt and sludge that have filled up your pipes. High-velocity water jetting ensures that all the debris is loosened, and washed away. Our high-velocity water jetting equipment is designed to service pipes from 2 inches to 18 inches in diameter.

Video Pipe Inspections

Should we, for some unforeseen and incredibly rare reason, be unable to open your sewer line or if we believe that there is mechanical malfunction somewhere within the system, we offer video pipe inspections so that we can accurately diagnose and locate the problem. To save you time and money, once diagnosed we will gladly discuss with you a range of solutions and answers that can resolve the issue quickly.

Locating Services

We carry an assortment of locating equipment designed to trace out water lines, sewer lines, electric, phone, cable as well as locate septic tanks as needed. The locating service is an excellent tool for finding underground utilities to prevent unforeseen damages during excavation or landscaping.

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