Drain Care Products

Drain Doctor offers a complete line of preventive maintenance drain care products. ProClean® contains natural, nontoxic, harmless bacteria that actually absorb the grease and organic buildup that forms in pipes over time and converts them into carbon dioxide and water. The biofilm that coats the inside of the pipes continues to absorb buildup. ProClean contains no harmful chemicals and is safe for the environment. It also has a refreshing scent that deodorizes as it cleans and removes the waste causing unpleasant odors.

Drain Line and Grease Trap Treatment

Grease and waste will build up in drainpipes quickly. If it goes unchecked for too long, it could put your customers in a position that leads to a plumbing emergency, and costs them more than just the price of a repair. We recommend that plumbing professionals with restaurant clients use ProClean® Drain and Grease Trap Treatment regularly to curtail grease trap problems, before they get out of hand. Perfect for commercial purposes, ProClean® Drain and Grease Trap Treatment can cut down on grease trap pumping by up to 65% by maintaining proper flow in drains and grease traps.

How Does it Work?

ProClean Drain and Grease Trap Treatment makes use of beneficial microbes that eat organic waste, and expel it as harmless carbon dioxide and water. These microbes also coat the inside of drainpipes with a layer of biofilm, where they continue to work, preventing future buildup.

  • Ensures Drain Lines Flow at Maximum Capacity
  • Cuts Down on Grease Trap Pumping
  • Counteracts Unwanted Odors
  • Naturally Harmless

NSF Approved

ProClean® Drain and Grease Trap Treatment is approved by the NSF. It is considered safe to use in and around food areas.

TimeFlow Meter

To keep drain lines pristine with automatic accuracy, we recommend the Time Flow Meter, available from Duracable. The Time Flow meter makes use of a microprocessor to automatically inject the exact amount of ProClean® Drain and Grease Trap Treatment that is needed to recoat a drain line with biofilm that has been washed away over time. The Time Flow Meter will always maintain a perfect schedule. It even has a battery backup so that it can’t be stopped, even by a power failure.

Septic tank treatment

An enzyme based product designed to keep up the bacteria levels in your septic system.

Concentrated Drain Cleaner

For homeowners looking to keep their pipes pristine, avoid drain issues, and quickly obliterate plumbing problems, we recommend ProClean Concentrated Drain Cleaner. We advise our customers to get into the habit of a regular monthly treatment with ProClean Concentrated Drain cleaner (available in quarts and gallons) as the absolute easiest way to keep their drains from clogging.

How Does it Work?

By employing natural bacteria, ProClean Concentrated Drain Cleaner is able to transform grease and organic buildup into carbon dioxide and water that dissipates easily. A treatment with ProClean will also coat the inside of the drainpipe, which prevents buildup from gaining a foothold in the future.

Is it Safe to Use on All Drains?

ProClean Concentrated Drain Cleaner is safe to use on all drainpipes, no matter the material. That’s because it uses all-natural biological elements. You can use ProClean on copper, PVC, and iron, and in kitchen skins, bathtubs, laundry drains, floor drains, and showers.


  • Ecologically Safe
  • Non-Toxic
  • Commercial Strength Potency

NSF Approved

ProClean Concentrated Drain Cleaner is NSF Approved. This product is safe to use in and around food areas.

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